Fleet Solutions that Reduce Costs and Save Time

We recognise that fleet costs are often the second largest cost in most organisations, behind staffing. That’s why we want to allow you to concentrate on your core business whilst we will manage your fleet requirements; helping to reduce both costs and risks, and saving valuable time and staff resources.

Outsourcing your fleet to us will ensure that you achieve maximum cost savings, less time spent on administration and of-course some of the best service provision in the industry.

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Independent Fleet Procurement & Consultancy

Rest-assured our knowledgeable team are recongised as the best in the industry, experienced in negotiating supply contracts for vehicles, fuel, maintenance, accident management, telematics, risk management and software, we are well positioned to review and improve existing agreements, as well as developing new ones. We can lead a full procurement exercise as well as support your internal procurement team with expert advice and detailed recommendations.

We are a truly independent company with no ties to any manufacturer, leasing company or dealer group and will always provide impartial advice selecting the right supply partners to operate an efficient and effective fleet.  Our knowledge of the fleet industry provides our clients with the best opportunity to agree the best and most efficient contracts in the industry.


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