PVS Talks... HMRC AFR Rates from 1st december 2018

There are no changes to the rates for petrol cars on the 2018 figures, but the rate for diesel cars, with an engine above 2,000cc, increases by 1p per mile (ppm), from 13-14ppm. All other diesel rates remain unchanged.

There is also a 1ppm increase for LPG vehicles with an engine of 1,400cc or less, from 7-8ppm, and for LPG vehicles with an engine from 1,600-2,000cc, from 9-10ppm. LPG vehicles with an engine above 2,000cc will see a 2ppm increase from December 1, from 13-15ppm.

The advisory electricity rate (AER) for plug-in cars remains unchanged at 4ppm.

The rates below took effect from December 1, 2018.

•    1600cc or less: 10p (no change)
•    1601cc to 2000cc: 12p (no change)
•    Over 2000cc: 14p (up 1 pence)
•    1400cc or less: 12p (no change)
•    1401cc to 2000cc: 15p (no change)
•    Over 2000cc: 22p (no change)
•    1400cc or less: 8p (up 1 pence)
•    1401cc to 2000cc: 10p (up 1 pence)
•    Over 2000cc: 15p (up 2 pence)

Previous rates, valid from June 1st, 2018 can be used up to 1 month from the date the new rates apply, are as follows:-

•    1600cc or less: 10p
•    1601cc to 2000cc: 12p
•    Over 2000cc: 13p
•    1400cc or less: 12p
•    1401cc to 2000cc: 15p
•    Over 2000cc: 22p
•    1400cc or less: 7p
•    1401cc to 2000cc: 9p
•    Over 2000cc: 13p

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Marcus Puddy
Managing Director