A month has gone by where did that go?


As we now go into the middle of October moving ever closer to Christmas festivities you start to wonder where has this year gone although we still do have a good 10 weeks before we break up for the Christmas break I was think the last time I wrote a blog it was a month ago and that has just flown by. Well at PVS Ltd we have had a great start to October picking up two contracts and working through a number of others that will see PVS Ltd become one of the most recognised Fleet Solutions company in the UK, well I’d like to think so.

The couple of contracts we have picked up allow us to work with large corporates and smaller SME businesses which is what we are about, enable us to be multi-faceted and showing that we have the relevant skill set to enable us to work in such a diversified way.

It is exciting times as we move into the later part of 2015 and what has been a transformational year for PVS Ltd. PVS is a Fleet Solutions company that uses the best in fleet and help companies overcome any problems that they may encounter within their fleet.

If at any time you think PVS Ltd could support you then please do give me a call 07801472247