As we move into week 3 of 2016 what will this year bring?


What hot topics do you think is worthy of note and what changes will happen within 2016 in the fleet industry? Well we can be certain of one thing, nothing will standstill.  As a regular Linked in member and one that has constant dialogue with various friends and colleagues within the fleet sector people will change roles, manufacturers will continue to bring out new vehicles, we will still have the same pressures to make targets and income.  But surely somethings will change?

We know that the Chancellor has cancelled the abolishment of the 3% diesel tax levy which will have an impact on fleets, their costs and the driver’s costs will increase and those who were relying on the levy being removed to help offset the continuing increased tax burden for having a company vehicle will have a negative impact along with employers costs to its Class 1A National Insurance Contributions.  It is the company’s responsibility to ensure the driver is informed of the obligations on its drivers for benefit in kind tax and ensure they have a policy that supports driving a low carbon vehicle.

There are 3 topics on top of costs that I think will be debated hotly this year, they are: -

1.       Connected Car – what is this?  It’s how manufacturers are getting better with technology in vehicles that they will all eventually be linked to the WWW and we will be able to start the heating, clear the windscreens without entering the car.  We will be able to have at our finger tips the condition of the car, fuel, service requirements and where we’ve been at the touch of a button

2.       Car Sharing – We seen Alphabet launch Alpha city a couple of years ago and Leaseplan are going to market with SwopCar.  SwopCar is being rolled out in 2016 across its operations in Europe.  I think more and more leasing companies will look at alternative routes to market to continue their growth aspirations and this will be one of them.  Let’s watch how this gets on and grows its own market.

3.       Electric Vehicles – You could say all three are linked to this, my view is that Electric Vehicles have a place within the overall vehicle market and the likes of Tesla who are leading the way with battery technology allowing you to drive 300 miles without charging makes electric vehicles a real alternative.  I do think with Ford committing £3bn investment in new vehicles to include electric and hybrid vehicle, we will see more vehicles coming to market and giving us all more choice.

We will keep this blog for 2016 and look back when we reach December to see how much the market and we as individuals and companies have progressed.  I would be very interested to hear from anyone what they think to my comments above, if you would like to talk about anything I have mentioned or need some support please call me on 07801 472247 or email me at


Good luck for 2016