Environmental changes and are we ready?


As I took time out to enjoy the summer break I did manage to get a few meetings in with some of my colleagues to catch up and do some business. What amazed me was the conversation always got around to the fact that with the new vehicles they were all driving how they had to keep buying bottles of add blue for their engines.  More importantly to them how were they going to reclaim this back from their employers and indeed were they able too?

Addblue will become a more common factor in our day to day lives as well as visiting the fuel stations to fill up especially for those higher mileage drivers as we move to the new Euro 6 engines.  The question is are you as a business ready for this and have your leasing company included the fact that Addblue becomes part of your maintenance costs or indeed have they advised you that all Addblue is an additional cost to the driver and that you need to take this into consideration within your whole life cost model?

As manufacturers strive to reduce CO2 particulates and NOX our engines will need further enhancements and with most manufacturers looking to introduce Addblue you will need to consider all the cost implications.  There are a few manufacturers that won’t be going down the Addblue solution and again it is worth investigating who they are.

All companies need to review their expenses policies once they have considered how they are going to manage the new Euro 6 legislation and the engines that come with this whilst also looking at the manufacturer of choice.

I am sure as we move into this last half year of 2015 and indeed we move into the last quarter of 2015 we need to consider the changes that are happening around us and legislation that will become enforced.  If you need some support, advice or guidance then give me a call or drop me a line and I will be very happy to help you out.