Final weeks of 2015


As we are now well into the festive season and we have seen all the news about police checking those that drink and drive in the evening and again in the morning.  It is the later that we could all fall into the same thought process that we are fine to drive.  When you are thinking about this in the following morning, just consider the impact of not being able to drive will have on your job and then your family!  

It is always better to be safe than sorry.  It would be recommended that you consider having meetings the following morning at the same location as the Christmas party (if you stayed over) or working from home catching up on those administrative chores and making those all-important meeting dates for 2016 if you had a taxi home.


It looks like we are all going to enjoy lower fuel costs over the next couple of weeks as the crude oil price continues to drop to a 5 year low.  This will support our running costs but it is important those companies that pay mileage rates outside the AFR or AMAP rates take time out to review their current rates.


Finally, I mentioned the chancellor’s budget in my last blog and the continuation of the 3% levy on diesel cars, this does mean that those drivers who thought their company car taxation would drop by £30 a month (30,000 list price car and 40% tax payer) in April 2016 will actually get an increase in their BIK.  I suggested that companies need to ensure they allow their drivers opportunities to pick alternative fuelled vehicles within their policy, I do hope that you have considered this?  It is also the opportune time for those companies that continue to adopt a free fuel policy to take advantage of scheme’s that allow you to pay free fuel but with the added benefit of helping the driver reduce their BIK implications and the companies NIC charges – Call me to discuss further.


This will be the penultimate post from me this year, I would like to ask you all to be safe and drive sensibly over the festive season so we all get to meet up next year!