PVS LTD 1 week on


Our site went live a week ago and this week it has all been about trying to sort out how we are going to deliver our training programs. Within PVS Ltd we are committed to providing the best service to our customers across the fleet industry and training materials and content are vitally important and ensuring that we have this right is an area that I am really precious about. Anyway I am pleased to say that our training programs are accredited by the Academy of International Management bring our course in at Level 3 BTEC equivalent.

We are offering a number of course for the Fleet Industry and you may be interested that any courses taken up with PVS Ltd will support our business in the community and allow us to go and provide further support to those that need it within the area on ‘getting back into work’ for anyone that needs support and help to them get back into the workplace we will help with CV writing, presentation skills, interview skills etc… furthermore, we will be running ‘self-promotion and development’ course that are aimed at the 13 – 18 age bracket where we will help them use platforms like LinkedIn but understand the issues of Facebook and Twitter whilst support them on Interview techniques and self-awareness.

This is gathering momentum and I am dead excited about the opportunities and reward that this will bring both me and also all those that will benefit from this.

Coming back to PVS ltd we are continuing to work through several opportunities where we are being asked to support companies with their fleet needs. This is equally as exciting and I can’t wait to get my first contract signed (who will it be??). It is always interesting to work through the opportunities and understanding the time it takes from initial conversation to actually having anything in writing and signed can take a long time. It is this that has been the hardest for me to comprehend. As we all do we want everything sorted today. But corporate life doesn’t work like that and we need to work through the hoops so we can then see the finish line but for us it is just getting to the starting line because once the contract is signed we are off and running to get the work completed within the contracted businesses timescales and to their satisfaction.

Finally, as we continue on our new venture we are sorting out our final business which is a procurement arm to help fleets understand better the conversion and livery process which will help all fleet operators. So watch this space.

In the meantime if there are any fleets that could benefit from PVS Ltd then please do give me a call on 07801472247 and we will be delighted to help you and save you costs and time.