VW Golf Test Drive June-July 2017 Part 1



VOLKSWAGEN New Golf SE Nav 1.6 TDI 115PS 7-

speed DSG 5 Door

Co2 102 g/km

From £23,480

Well, I have taken the Golf for the weekend and was challenged by the ladies in the office who thought the Golf was sluggish and didn’t have the same poke as our 1.6tdi Golf that we use as an office car (although ours is a manual and this one is a DSG).

I am very pleased to say that after changing the driving mode and playing around with the DSG box there is a mean little tiger under the bonnet that is keen to get out. I took my youngest daughter to a local swimming pool where she was competing in a competition (I am pleased to say the team came first) and we thought this was an ideal opportunity to give the car a bit of a run.

Off we went. The DSG is a gearbox that you have to get used to and one that I personally don’t have much experience with.  However, within 5 minutes I had got to grips with it and the car was lovely and responsive which to my daughters’ surprise was lovely.  ‘Dad’ she said, ‘there is nothing better than a car that throws your head back into the seat is there?’.

The car performed well, we also like the entertainment system, which works very much like an iPad and was very easy for Isabelle to change the radio station over from Radio 2 to Capital where they play all the best music apparently.

As I mentioned, we have a 2012 Golf in the office which has a deeper foot well in the front and boot.  VW have added a shelf that is flat with the boot seal but this allows items to fall out if you haven’t stowed them away properly (like me, foolishly!!).

All in all, this Golf is much quieter and has a softer ride than our Golf and I would say that I would love to be provided a car like this as a company or pool car. We are going to do the math in the office to see what the BIK is and then the cost of ownership from an employer but also the employee. So, watch out for these in the next few days!

Marcus Puddy

Managing Director