VW Golf Test Drive June-July 2017 Part 2



VOLKSWAGEN New Golf SE Nav 1.6 TDI 115PS 7-

speed DSG 5 Door

Co2 102 g/km

From £23,480

Following on from my review over the weekend I have had the opportunity to take the Golf on longer journeys and really get into the car dynamics.

In car entertainment – this is easy to use and it took less than 30 seconds to map my phone to the car, it was the simplest solution that I have used (I have had loads of cars in my time!!).

The car hasn’t delivered the MPG as published but this just may be my driving style and the fact that the car has been in sport mode since I have had it.  However, we are getting 48.7mpg which is reasonable on the journeys I am doing.

So how much would a car like this cost?  On a typical contract hire with maintenance rental based on 3 years (20,000 miles per year) we would expect to see it at about £325.00 per month. This is extremely competitive and if you can negotiate some good manufacturer terms, you can get this down to £273-£279 per month depending on the funder.

If we look at the hidden costs below we lay out the cost to the driver as well as the employee.

Monthly amount

Tax Band

20% tax band employee pays

40% tax band employee pays

Employee pays an additional

£ 87.12 p.m

£174.24 p.m

Employer pays an additional

£ 12.02 p.m

£ 24.05 p.m


Marcus Puddy

Managing Director