We Continue to Grow


If you read my last post then you would have seen me make mention of technology that is now coming into the cars especially Euro 6 technology.  Well, I received a number of mails from customers and new customers talking to me about how this is impacting their drivers and costs.  This will not go away and indeed as more manufacturers turn to Euro 6 it will get worse so please if you already haven’t done anything please take a look at your car list and start to think about how you are going to make the changes to adapt to the new technology.

New technology is all around us and I am sure we are all familiar with the mobile phone whilst driving legislation.  Well it’s illegal to ride a motorcycle or drive using hand-held phones or similar devices and indeed if you are trying to text or reply to a message while driving you are breaking the law.  PVS Ltd has teamed up with a technology company that prevents the unlawful use of mobile phones whilst driving by Automatic Start/Stop disabling mobile phones and other communication devices including Multi-trigger architecture: GPS.OBD & smartphones and tablets as the vehicle begins to move, automatically Telematics, ensuring safe, legal and responsible use of mobile devices while driving.  Which in its simplest form means that it stops the use of the mobile when you start to move within the vehicle.  This technology can be used on Apple, Blackberry and any android phone meaning that you all could have access to this and that you are in the knowledge that you and your drivers are safe from prosecution.

This is exciting times for PVS, we continue to grow and support our customers bringing new innovation to the market and looking to always do the right thing.  I am pleased to announce that in my next blog I will be able to tell you all about the new business venture PVS is involved with that allows us to support our training modules but also provides all our customers with the opportunity to support under privilege communities.