Training Programs

At PVS Ltd we have managed internal training programs for large corporates, brokers and conferences that are unique and dynamic to the audience to all sales environments.

We can tailor our training programs to you so if you are a manufacturer, dealer group or leasing provider then we can help you achieve a higher conversion rate and understand the market from legislation to detail data analyses through to simple selling techniques that support your product set.

PVS Ltd is offering training to all its customers via Somerset Promotion, Learning and Training (SPLAT), a Community Interest Company (CIC) and a social enterprise. The SPLAT team is comprised of individuals with extensive, high level corporate experience offering training for personal and business development. The organisation is accredited by The Academy of International Management, which also validates all courses.

CICs are a special type of ‘not for profit’ limited company designed to target communities disadvantaged in some way. All profits from SPLAT commercial activities fund projects to help rurally isolated young people and people of any age disadvantaged through reasons such as homelessness, addictions, offenders and ex-offenders and through disability. Further information is available at

This means that for every person that goes through our courses the fees that are paid by you or your employer will allow you to contribute towards training someone who needs help and support to re-enter the work place or allow them to have support with CV writing, interview technique and personal awareness.

Leasing, fleet management, conversion and livery providers to the fleet industry

PVS Ltd can help fleet service providers with a number of solutions from Interim roles through to consultancy days that may support your desire to grow, work on retention, procurement and selling your services to different parts of the UK economy from large corporates to SME’s and brokers, etc.

Our services are bespoke to your requirements and we have the experience to be able to make a huge difference to your business.

Manufacturers (Dealer groups)

PVS Ltd are experts at selling to the UK companies large and small both private and public sector.  We can help your staff understand how to approach different segments and how to talk to the end users to improve your conversion rates.

Our services are designed to fit with your culture and behaviour to ensure that all representatives of the brand provide a consistency of service and approach.