We undertake a comprehensive review of your company’s fleet to understand your requirements, including learning about how you fund your vehicles, your manufacturer choice and how you maintain your vehicles.

With a view to reducing your costs, ensuring a best practice approach and taking a holistic view of your fleet, we offer:

  • Fleet funding analysis.
  • Construction of your company car and van policy.
  • Sharing of best practices.
  • Regulation and legislation updates.
  • Whole life cost and future budgetary analysis.
  • Environmental policy.
  • Risk management.
  • Supply chain management.
  • Vehicle choice.

Additionally, we utilise financial analysis software to review your funding options and provide you with detailed information and support to allow you to make the right funding choices for your business.

We work with you to ensure that your vehicle, risk and Health & Safety policies for all vehicle related tasks are not only as tight as possible, but are also following the recommendations as laid out by regulatory bodies, government bodies and best practice within the fleet industry.

Using our industry knowledge, we procure the best service providers and convertors within the industry to provide you with a vehicle fleet that delivers for you 365 days a year 24/7, backed by service levels that you would expect from an established, experienced organisation.

From managing your suppliers and monitoring the service they provide, to arranging regular monthly updates about the performance of your fleet and drivers, we offer continual help and support on the running of your fleet and take the hassle out of the day to day activities.

Key Considerations

When reviewing your fleet and looking at different parts of your fleet operation you should consider all the points raised below, and how PVS Ltd can help you with all aspects of your fleet.

Creating best practice car and van policy and advice 

Are you trying to pull together a watertight car and van policy or risk management policy or even pull a grey fleet policy together then ensuring you have all the basis covered will be tricky. The cost of getting these wrong could be significant for you, your employee. What you need is sound advice and support at a time when the fleet manager role is becoming ever more complex, you may not even have a fleet manager that is where we can help you, we can provide you with a comprehensive policy that will meet your business needs to today and in the future.

Tender support for procurement of any fleet services 

Do you understand what the right funding method is for you? Do you know what services you need to procure? Do you understand how leasing companies price for them all?

We can help answer all these questions and help you pull together a tender document that will meet with your business needs. We will also support you through the tender and implementation whist also if needed support you through the life of the contract taking all the hassle out of managing your fleet.

Providing support & advice on how to reduce your tax and fleet running costs 

Everyone is trying to reduce their costs and tax liabilities. Do you really understand your total fleet costs today? How are you going to make those cost savings?

Our consultants are industry experts and can provide you with real opportunities to look at how you can save money and at the same time reduce your tax liabilities. We understand where to start and how we can make the changes with small impacts on colleagues but huge savings for you as the employer.

Assistance with managing occupational road risk 

Ever wondered what you would do if the HSE came knocking on your door following a fatality caused by one of your employees? Or do you just believe that good old common sense prevails?

We have spoken to a number of organisations that have had this happen to them and only wish they had thought about what they could have put in place prior to that knock on the door. We can help shape a policy that would manage all of your road risk issues and as long as this was managed then you will be in good shape for any knock at the door.

Running a greener fleet with carbon footprint management 

Trying to juggle all your fleet needs and on top of that look at how you can reduce your Co2 output is challenging. We have worked with a number of blue chip to SME companies and supported them with their green fleet policies. Getting this right will mean savings to the business, the environment and allow you to bid for work where having the right policies in place will leap frog you over your competition.

We want you to be able to concentrate on your core activity and allow us to manage the fleet strategy. We will draw out greater fleet policies ensuring it encapsulates the latest thinking and government legislations.

It is evidenced that companies that take a proactive steps with their carbon strategy will make savings on not just their fleet costs but other expenses as well. You will also see businesses within your industry want to follow your lead.