Telematics allow you to maximise efficiency and gain meaningful insights into your costs and utilisation. There are reports on driver behaviour and risk, idling, journey and carbon footprint statistics as well as real time location data.
Analysis of these reports allows you as a company to manage your operational strategy in terms of driver behaviour and vehicle management, allowing you to lower your carbon footprint all whilst reducing labour costs and operating expenses, controlling fuel costs, and ensuring high standards of fleet safety and security.

We can offer a telematics service to your business and you will have access to your bespoke dashboard giving you updates on any of the following:

  • Diagnostic Reports
  • Risk Performance
  • Traffic Management
  • Journey
  • My walkaround
  • Carbon Footprint, CO2 Used, CO2 emission figure (g/Km)
  • Idling Cost, Idling time against driving time
  • My Risk Performance
  • My Speeders
  • Speeding Events
  • Incident Report
  • Time Utilisation