PVS In Review - 2017 & What to Expect in 2018

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As we begin 2018, I would firstly like to wish you all a very Happy New Year. I do hope you had a relaxing and enjoyable Christmas break.

We have had many big changes in the company this year, the biggest being our team growing by 5 members! As mentioned in my New Year’s update last year, we had Kelly Podbury start with us in January. Kelly is the Business Manager and has had some really positive feedback with the customers that Kelly has interacted with.

In May, we were joined by our Finance Manager, Kate Burrow, Kate deals with all our work on costs and allowing our customers to understand the savings we can achieve and track those savings through the contract life.

June, we were joined by Shannon Rickards, Shannon heads up our social media and marketing material also supporting Kelly and Kate with administration support. You would have noticed our increased Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Linked-In feeds which I hope you have all enjoyed and taken part in.

In November of this year, Paul Groundwell joined us to enhance our HGV & Plant knowledge whilst supporting Marcus (MD) with the Environmental strategies for our clients. Paul has made a real positive impact on all our customers and we will see this continue into 2018.

Finally, we finished the year with Daniel Tuz starting in December to support Kate pulling together our new vehicle calculator that will allow you to understand if car or cash is the best option following the OpRA rules that came in 2017, as well as looking at alternative fuel calculators that will be launched in the first quarter of this year.

We were very happy to have won the Business of the Year Finalist Award at Somerset Business Awards in October another success of how pleased we are with our business progress.

Another big change for PVS Ltd is that we have started the new year with an office move! Due to our team growing, we have now relocated to a bigger office in Bridgwater and will be there for the foreseeable future. Finally, PVS Ltd has launched a new website supporting our continued growth with a new look and feel.


As we see a tightening of BIK rules which are aggressive until 2020 for companies, this will bring an increase in NI costs. I think more and more of our drivers will be looking for support and advice on alternative fuelled vehicles to support their own BIK costs as well as the increased activity on becoming more environmentally conscious. In support of this, we are working hard on strategies for our customers on alternative fuelled vehicles within the HGV, van and car sector. This will be an important solution for all companies wanting to be ahead of the game.

We are all aware that the government has set a target of reduction in Co2 by 80% in 2050. This will mean that we will see more and more Ultra Low Emissions Zones (ULEZ) throughout the UK. We have already seen this being introduced within London and some large cities such as Bristol, Birmingham, Manchester and Edinburgh. This will have a major impact on the costs of fleets for all operators and having a forward-thinking strategy will help mitigate these costs.

Vehicle technology is becoming a major support for progressive fleet managers. However, understanding what is available with what manufacturer is difficult and keeping up with the changes that are happening can be challenging. I think this will continue at pace throughout 2018 and we will see enhancements come in on areas such as: –

• Autonomous braking
• Driverless vehicles
• Autonomous parking
• Electric vehicles
• Enhanced satellite navigation with traffic management systems

Finally, we still have the impending Brexit to deal with which has already seen a reduction in the strength of the pound which will see an increase in the cost of vehicles, tyres and parts, working its way through to increased costs throughout our fleet expenses. How we look to mitigate this will be the holy grail for which we are working with all our clients on various solutions.

We look forward to working with all of our clients throughout 2018 and supporting new clients who will benefit from our enhanced fleet strategies and cost reductions.