We Have Arrived: Welcome to Puddy‘s Vehicle Solutions

Welcome to the first official blog post from Puddy‘s Vehicle Solutions (PVS) Ltd. Here we intend to update you on a weekly basis of the news within the fleet industry, and we will also start conversations about hot topics that will feed into our Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter pages. I would really encourage all of you to provide me with your honest views and opinions on the topics we cover so that we get a great following and some interesting debates going.

Puddy’s Vehicle Solutions (PVS) Ltd is a family business where our main aim is to provide industry-leading fleet strategy, procurement and consulting services to all fleet operators and fleet industry product & service providers in the UK. Our knowledge and experience helps businesses of all sizes become leaders in their field. We will provide helpful tips and guidance on what is going on in the world how you can benefit from these and sometimes turn a negative into a positive.

To contact us you have numerous options; You can go to our contact page, e-mail me directly at marcus@puddyvsolutions.co.uk, send us a tweet on Twitter, find us on Facebook or look me up on Linkedin. I want to encourage you all to get involved...