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Relationship Manager Rachael joins PVS Ltd after 21 years working as a Prison Officer. Prior to this she worked in Retail management. During her time working for Her Majesty’s Prison Service Rachael has developed excellent people skills and prides herself at being able to work in stressful situations. Rachael worked within different departments and spent time training staff in the Use of Force.

Rachael can remain calm under pressure and has great mediation skills. She has a drive to ensure tasks are completed accurately and on time. She is a stickler for detail and visual output. This is a new challenge for her and she hopes to be able to transfer the skills she has learned into making some positive impact for PVS Ltd and their clients.

Rachael is very passionate about customer service, having dealt with some very ‘difficult and demanding’ customers in her last job, she is looking forward to working with varied clients within the corporate environment.